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CSB650GT: Steel shell cast bronze liner with graphite plug


Steel shell with cast bronze bearing material liner with specially formulated solid lubricants embedded into the holes in the liner material. The process of casting bronze on steel achieves an integral metallurgical structure between bronze and steel with an increased carrying capacity while the material cost is considerably reduced. The solid lubricant can reduce the coefficient of friction and performs the self-lubricating function.


CSB650GT combines the advantages of a metallic bearing and the self lubricating of graphite. It is particularly good for low-speed and high load applications, where external lubrication is not practical. The new based material provides economic solution and even good resistance to shock loads.


Cylindrical bushes
Thrust washers
Flange bushes
Non-standard parts as design
CSB650GT supplied by customer ordering, the tolerance
is according to CSB650 standard dimension.

Typical Applications

This type of products can be widely used under high
temperature and high load with low speed conditions, such
as successive casting machinery, mineral machinery,
injection molding machinery, dock machinery and so on.

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