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CSB-CRP: Glass fiber epoxy-impregnated with PTFE tape


The backing of CSB-CR series material is high strength glass fiber with epoxy resin and the lubricating layer of it is PTFE wound fiber or special lubricating fiber. Therefore, this special structure performs an outstanding anti-wear feature and low friction coefficient under high load and low speed condition. Furthermore, this absolutely new idea gives better solution for high load and excellent wear resistance under dry condition


1. The lubricating layer, which has very low friction coefficient, superior anti-wear feature and scratch resistance, is made by special PTFE fiber and high strength artificial fiber compound. provides excellent self-lubricating features and good anti-wear feature during dry operation.
2. The back material comprises of high strength epoxy glass fiber with excellent erosion resistance feature make it possible to be used in water or sea.
3. The maxim dynamic load is 140Mpa and also certain impact load is permissible. It has good shock absorb feature and self-align characteristics.
4. The material could form an effective solid lubricating film to prevent the bearing stick to the shaft during operation.
5. The non-metallic material is isolated and light in mass. It is 75% lighter than steel and 30% lighter than Aluminum.
6. This filament wound composite bearing is suitable to be used at the frequently start and stop positions with rotating, oscillating and linear motion.
7. The CR material is recommended applied in dry condition only.
8. Comparing to oil lubricating bearings, the filament wound composite bearing is suitable for wider temperature range from -100?C to +160?C .
9. Comparing to other non-metallic bearings, this kind of material could be used in different media including air, oil and water because of its low water absorption feature and linear expansion coefficient similar with of steel.
10. The thermal expansion factor of the material is similar with steel and cast iron.

Typical Applications

With the excellent features above mentioned, CSB-CR series filament wound composite bearings could be widely used to the frequently start and stop positions with rotating, oscillating and linear motion. The application of this new material is more popular than that of the previously developed engineering plastic bushings (EPB series).
1. Construction machineries
2. Agriculture machineries
3. Lifting machines
4. Cranes
5. Material handling machineries and transmission parts.
6. Water craft machineries
7. Civil project
8. Packing machineries
9. Port machineries
10. Valves, Hydraulic transmission parts

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